After the feet of snowpack we've had this winter, a lot of us were hoping for a gradual melting.  Well, yesterday in the Northland we had temperatures well into the 50s, and instant rivers and streams forming.  Unfortunately, some of those were in our basements, as you can see in Cathy's picture here.

B105 Things:

Florida is expecting a record breaking tourism season this Spring Break because of the harsh winter felt across the U.S.

"Exerdating" - the new trend in NYC.  New Yorkers are so busy multi-tasking that they've combined dating with exercising.

White noise machines, which many parents use to help put their babies to sleep may actually be hurting the infant's hearing. 

How about an Oreo 3d Printer?

Finally, there's a fundraising event planned in MI where people will eat a 20 foot bratwurst.   Sign me up!

Happy Birthday to Bobby McFerrin who is 64 today!

 Brain Teaser Question:

If you're average, you'll use approximately 57 of these today:  Answer:  Squares of toilet paper..


 Are You Smarter Than?

The snow to water ratio is 10:1.  Meaning, if ten inches of snow melts, there is 1 inch of water.   So how much water would be left after 40 inches of snow melt?

Answer:  4 inches.   Here's Cathy's work:

Ken Hayes

Somehow she thought 10X4 was 400.