What's your favorite TV Theme Song?  We're putting together a list this morning.  You can comment below, and visit some of your favorites right here again!

Here's Cathy's favorite:

And my favorite:

Some of the other classic ones too:

B105 Things

A private school for babies is demanding $33,500 per year.  Wowza.  The babies are basically learning how to nap and play.  Overpriced?  I think so.

A new invention can turn your cell phone into a microscope!

Did you see this guy get kicked in the head by a train worker when he was trying to take a selfie?  Now he could make $250,000.  He's agreed to work with Jukin Media to earn money off hits on the video.

 Brain Teaser Question

25% of us owned one of these in the 1980's.  What is it?

Answer:  A black light