Morning y'all!  Ken is still out sick.  That fever just keeps rearing it's ugly head.  He thought he might seek a doctor's opinion today (good plan since it's been almost a week now), but his typical response to my "you should see a doctor" was "I hate going to the doctor.  We all do, Kenny, we all do!  Get better and fast you're missing out on all the fun with Pick Your Seat and the Eric Church Song of the Day Contest.  Are YOU going to win today? Two things to bring to your attention today.  One, taxes are due.  If you haven't started yet, you have until midnight tonight to get them e-filed or in the mail.

Two, it's also Empty Bowl Day. It benefits the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank. I applaud the Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank. Their staff works with the community tirelessly to provide food for people in our area. More than 3.8 million meals annually, that is huge! It’s a chance for you to enjoy conversation with friends while enjoying a bowl of piping hot and delicious soup from an area restaurants in a handcrafted bowl for just a $20 donation. It will be held at The Depot, 506 West Michigan Street in Duluth from 10 am–6:30 pm. Brunch, lunch, dinner, it’s convenient for whatever portion of the day you have available to make a difference.

Three, believe it or not, the Northland is under a Winter Storm Watch AGAIN!


'Round Town The new Super One grocery store opened this past Sunday in Superior.  It was made official with the ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday.

B-105 Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Day

5.  People are replacing humans with pets!  Data shows more Americans are getting dogs instead of having babies.  They say babies are cute, but so are dogs and you don't have to change their diapers.

4.  Why do we always say airplane food is so terrible?  Well, they are saying it's not the food, it's YOU!  Scientists say that human taste buds are affected by altitude and dry cabin air.  At 35,000 feet your sensitivity to taste is lessened.

3.  Facebook is believed to be adding electronic money services to it's network.  Would you bank with Facebook?

2.  Already a little leery of the Google Glasses?  Get ready for more creepiness with Google Contacts!  Oh, with built in cameras too!  The lenses would communicate with your phone and you would use audio commands them.

1.  A woman on vacation in South Africa and decided to buy "The Best of Neil Diamond" on her phone.  BEWARE!  She didn't realize that it was going to cost her over $4,000 for the data usage abroad.  Her regret?  She doesn't even LIKE Neil Diamond that much!

Local Birthday Shirley C, Jason S, Len L, Kenny S, Kyja W, Beverly P, and Jeff W  

Celebrity Birthday Roy Clark celebrates his 81st birthday today.  Besides being a musician you may remember him as a host of the Hee Haw Show for 20 years!

Did you miss the "blood moon"?  See a replay [here].

Brain Teaser

On average, it takes us 11 minutes to do this, what?  ANS:  wash the dishes.  Congratulations to Donny B of Superior.  He picked up the "Breakfast of Champions" prize pack!  

Seize the Deal On-Line Auction

Exciting news with Seize the Deal.  The on-line auction is UP and you can shop virtually from anywhere!!!  [Place Your Bids Now]

Make plans with the family to attend the Easter Egg-stravaganza at the Lake Superior Zoo this Saturday!  Congrats to Raymond, he picked up tickets playing R U Smarter Than Chris.  We've got more tickets tomorrow, be with us to play and win!

Entertainment Update

Luke Bryan has a new puppy named Pappy, and YIKES!  He's touring with him!!!

The Voice continues with Blake Shelton.  He was a major tweeter during the ACM's.  He was all over the fact that people LOVED his wife, Miranda Lambert's silver boots.  They wanted to know where to get the boots too.  Blakes said he loved the boots and the girl that was wearing them.  Chris Allen said they looked like "hot, moon boots"

Dancing with the Stars went Disney last night!  Donny Osmond stopped by and was a guest judge.

UMD student Alyssa Lommel is hoping to be back in Duluth, living on her own and attending UMD this fall!  Duluth News Tribune story [here].

Stop obsessing about the snow and think about being on the lush golf fairway and greens.  Get em' before they're gone!  This year's Northalnd Golf Card. [more here].