Last Thursday Ken started coming down with "something".  Friday he decided it wasn't allergies and perhaps it was a cold.  Saturday it hit him BAM!  The dreaded FLU, complete with fever and delirium. (more than usual).  He's on the mend, but since he lost his voice, he's off today.  Too bad, since we have HUGE concert announcement at 7a.  We'll carry on without him and STILL give you the details on how to win tickets before you can buy them!!

Our weekend had started with this disturbing picture:

Nick Cooper

Find out what the heck we're doing and why [here]. LOL!!

After disappointing snow last Saturday morning temps will be cool this week, hopefully no more snow though!  This weather makes it impossible to train for Grandma's marathon or the Fitger's 5K which is coming up this Saturday.  Keep checking our website for traffic detour details!

Exciting news for Seize The Deal!  Today we start an online auction!  Don't miss out on the deals!  


 B-105 Things You Should Know Before You Start Your Day

5.  Passover begins tonight!

4.  There's a policy in France that prohibits work emails after 6pm.  LUCKY!

3.  Beef prices are at their highest level in 27 years.  (average $5.28 p/pd)

2.  KFC in Kentucky has offered prom goers a drumstick corsage (no grease on the dress ladies, can't re-sell it then!)

1.  Tomorrow is tax day, get r' done or file for an extension!

Happy Birthday to our Facebook friends:  Katarina M, DeeDee K, Jessie D, Richard M and Micky M!  And Loretta Lynn is 81.  Here's her performance of Coal Miner's Daughter on the Grand Ole' Opry stage.


Just under 10% of us did it in our cars this weekend, what?  ANS: took a selfie

Congratulations to  Chrisstie B, she picked up a 7 piece multi-color nesting bowl set, plus three boxes of Betty Crocker Potatoes.  It's a starch lovers dream!


Eric Church's "The Outsiders World Tour" will be at the Target Center September 16 with special guest Dwight Yoakam.  Tickets go on sale this Friday, but you can win em' before you buy them with the Eric Church Song and Password of the Day!  Be listening to the Breakfast Club at 7:20 every day this week to find out what song to listen for.  When you hear it be the 15th caller at 218.727.2105 and know the password to win!  Good Luck!!!

The City of Duluth now offers virtual tours of your most visited locations!

Congratulations to Derek, he picked up tickets for his family to the Lake Superior Zoo Egg-stravaganza.  Your chance to win comes up tomorrow at 7:40!

Besides being tax day tomorrow, it's also Empty Bowl, an annual fundraiser for Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.   [More Details]

Remember keep listening for the Eric Church song of the day with either Chris or David, know the password and be the 15th caller at 727.B105 to win tickets BEFORE you can buy them to see Eric Church and Dwight Yoakam at the Target Center on September 16!!!  Best of luck and have a fantastic day....hopefully Ken will feel better tomorrow and be back with in da club!  The B105 Breakfast Club!