This morning as I was sitting in the studio reading about Ultra-Ever, a self-cleaning paint that could make car washes obsolete, Miranda Lambert's song Automatic was playing in my ear.  I remember when we use to have to wash our vehicles by hand!  That started to bring me back and I started thinking of things we use to HAVE to do, back when things weren't so automatic.  What do you remember?  Tell us below!!!

Remember when we had to mix our cookie dough by hand?  No kitchen aid or Cuisinart!  Or, baked bread by hand?  It took hours, you had to mix it, knead it and wait for it to rise.  Then, punch it down and wait again before you bake it.  Now, you throw everything in a bread maker and walk away to wait for that fresh baked bread smell to reach your nostrils as you're watching TV (in HD, hanging on the wall) in your living room!

What can you come up with?  Come on, bring us back!