It's coming!  A major winter storm with heavy winds will be here today with 6-10 inches of snow expected in the Twin Ports.  Other areas closer to Hayward could see 9-12 inches.   The scary part about this storm is the near white out conditions that are expected this afternoon.  You can keep up to date on our weather page. 

Also, I'm back from my sick days.  A lot of people have been asking what I was sick with, and the answer is a bad bacterial sinus infection.  It really took me out, but I'm taking medicine and feeling better!  Thanks to everyone for their well wishes.

B105 Things

Couple's sleeping position could say a lot about their relationship.  A study found that partners who sleep less than an inch apart are more likely to be happy together than those maintaining a gap wider than 30 inches.

Some brides are going bare faced on their big day.  Wedding Industry experts say some brides want to feel as much like themselves when they say their vows.

There's a new oven that will teach you how to cook!  Miele's Generation 6000...

Domino's is now serving a pizza on a chicken base instead of a dough crust.

And there is a high school in Florida that is considering setting a dress code for parents who drop off their kid at school.

Brain Teaser Question:

40% of us admite we have one, but it no longer works.  What is it?

Answer:  Air freshner

 Seven uses for beer other than drinking it:

According to this blog, there are many uses for beer other than drinking it, like killing fruit flies and slugs, polishing furniture, and more!

Are you smarter than Cathy?

Amber played against Cathy today, and the question was:  Where is the Big Ben clock tower located?   Cathy answered London, and Amber had no clue.  Cathy got it right!  Way to go!  We gave Amber the prize anyway, which was tickets to the Eggstravanganza Tickets @ Lake Superior Zoo.

Congratulations to Tom who picked a winning seat to Country Fest by playing "Pick Your Seat!"