The Norshor And Mamma Mia Don't Disappoint
A friend of mine that shares the love of the history of the Norshor Theatre went to see Mamma Mia and told me that not only does the ABBA inspired show look and sound great, but the ambience and feeling of the Norshor brought her back.
Ram Recalls Over 200,000 Trucks Over Gear Shifter
Fiat Chrysler is recalling approximately 229,000 Ram Trucks after finding a problem with the gear shifting mechanism. The problem is that the trucks can be shifted out of park in some cases without pressing on the brake pedal or having the key in the ignition.
Some Jerk Shot Out Car Windows Again in Superior
Man it's tough owning a vehicle in Superior.  It seems like a few times a year, some jerk goes around shooting out car windows.  Once again it has happened and the Superior Police Department is asking for help finding who did this.

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