Uh oh, Cathy's got a cold!  'Tis the season!  I've disinfected the studio, and I'm popping chewable airborne tablets.  The show must go on!

B105 Things:

A Denver rock station won't be airing any Seattle based rock groups on their radio station leading up to the Super Bowl.   It's out of respect for their home team, the Broncos.  How many groups is that even??

Soon you'll be able to play Legos on your computer!  Google chrome announced that they've created a virtual space where users can build their own virtual legos.

DIY pre nups are becoming popular.  People download them from the internet, fill in the blanks and sign them.  But, no surprise, lawyers warn they may not hold up in court.

This lady wants to changer her name to SEXY.   What do you think?

Brain Teaser Question

One in 5 women have one of these, 2 in 5 men have one.  Answer:  an apron

Norovirus on the cruise...

We talked about this again today, as we've learned some more information.  Did you know the Norovirus (or stomach bug) is resistant to alcohol based hand sanitizers and soap and water!?   AHHHH!!!!!

Entertainment Update parts 1&2

From Buzzfeed:  21 Things You Don't Get About Young People If You Were Born Before 1980.