We're live blogging this morning!   Anything we talk about today we'll post here for you.   As you can see in the picture, my hair isn't even dry yet, and Cathy is strange.

And today it's all about kicking off the holiday season with the Christmas City of the North Parade!

First, check out our Facebook page, and Cathy's story on it.  We want to know if have ever been in the parade!

Some of the more interesting things from our B105 things:

This guy says he can predict someone's future by feeling and smelling their poop.

Also a snow globe burns down a house?   Apparently the sunlight passed through the snow globe that acted as a magnifying glass and lit a straw hat on fire.

Our brain teaser question today:   After Christmas Totals, THIS product's sales will have become a $9 billion industry.... what is it?


Man Purses!


Are you Smarter than Cathy question today:   Suzie is doubling a recipe that calls for 1 2/3 cups of flour.... how many cups flour does she need?  (Cathy hates math word problems.)

Linda had the right answer:   3 1/3 cups.   Cathy took 3 minutes to try to get her answer:  2 4/6 cups.   Oh cathy.    Linda is now entered in for the drawing next week to the ECVB shop and stay package!

Cathy's practicing for our rendition of Christmas City of The North Song coming up just before 9 am.  She's trying to memorize the best she can, because she doesn't know much of the lyrics.

So here's what we ended up with: