We are up and running!  We had a lack of internet for the first hour of our show, but now that it's magically working, I can be live blogging with you.   It's a good thing too.  I've been getting lonely, since Cathy is having her ankle surgery today.  

Everyone's talking about the cold this morning.   We are at -8 now, and winchills are -28 in Duluth.  Bundle up!

Brain Teaser Question:

Studies show that people start to appreciate this at age 27.   Answer:  Parents

Cathy's getting ankle surgery today, keep her in your thoughts!   She just sent me this picture.

What did you think of Carrie Underwood's performance last night on The Sound of Music?  We asked on Facebook last night and here's what people had to say.


 We talked with Susan Anderson our Pyschic this morning, and here's the audio!