It's the big day of the winter storm.   We're looking at 3-6" of snow before noon, and 4-6" this afternoon.   Cathy and I will give you updates as the morning develops.

Because of the weather, we have quite a few closings. 

On a side note... I'm experiencing the hellish part of a newborn.  Up until now our 1 month old daughter hasn't been too terrible at night.   Last night was rough, she didn't really sleep at all.   Any parents have any tips?

B105 Things:

The Seahawks fans registered as a low level earthquake during Monday Night Football.

The man responsible for Doritos Locos Tacos Has died.   Sadly, 41 year old Todd Mills lost his battle with cancer.

There's a new mood sweater!  This piece of wearable technology looks for changes in the persons skin, and will change color to reflect the mood.   Is this really a good thing?


Brain Teaser Question:

70% of women think that men over the age of 35 look ridiculous when they do this.

Answer:  Wear their hat on backwards.

Vegan Diet?

Cathy brought up a new 3 week vegan menu that's suppose to help kick start your vegan lifestyle.   I personally could never do it, because I plan my meals around the meat.  Take a look for yourself.

Winter Storm Update 7:33am:

For Duluth they've upped the expected snowfall total today to 9-13".  That's just the snowfall for today.  Along the North Shore there could be much more snowfall exceeding possibly 20"

Animal Allies:

We talked with Jennie about what's happening at the shelter.  Both Duluth and Superior locations are closed today because of the weather.  They also have pet photos this weekend with Santa Claus at Petco!