Let it snow... let it snow... let it snow.  We got a good amount yesterday and by the time it's all said and done Wednesday we could have 20 inches.   Think we'll get that much?   I'm skeptic, but at this point what we have is enough for a few school closings.


Proctor, Lake Superior School District, Hermantown, All Duluth Schools, Marshall, UDAC

2 hour delay:

East Central Schools, Fon Du Lac Ojibiwa School (head start open, but no transportation, Moose Lake, Barnum, Pine Tech College

Main roads are plowed and not bad, however intersections can be dicey with piles of snow.   The Blatnik Bridge was smooth sailing this morning.

B105 Things:

Tomorrow is statistically the quietest shopping day of the holiday season.  So if you like avoiding crowds, go tomorrow.

And on the topic of shopping, they say the average person burns 1500 calories while shopping.

Here's the gift guide for strictly billionaires.   Cathy and I are more of the Black friday Walmart shoppers, but if you have the cash to spend try some of these items:

20,000 square foot tree house with water operated elevator?   A cool $83 million.  Or how about a 2.5 million dollar safe room?   Personal Submarine?  Only 32 million and it comes with a $1.1 million wristwatch.

And last but not least, Uggs are still the most searched for fashion item.  Cathy has a knock off pair she's very proud of.   Classy chick.

Cathy Kates


Brain Teaser Question:

The left hand does thie 56% of the time...

Answer:  Type

 Cathy's asking for advice?

Is there anything you can do when kids throw snowballs at your car?  I said the answer is call the cops or nothing.   Frustrating that nowadays it seems like kids don't get into trouble.

Are You Smarter Than Ken?

Today's question:  During WWII, when metal was scarce, what were the Oscars made out of?   Answer:   Plaster.  (Ken thought wood, Curt our listener answered plastic.)

 Entertainment Update

Police investigations continue on the car wreck that killed Paul Walker.   Now sources are saying that it could possibly have been a steering malfunction, since there were no swerve skid marks, and signs of steering fluid leaking. 

The Kardashian's have their ridiculously stupid Christmas Card out.   You can see it in the video:


Country stars on tv today:

Jake Owen on Big Morning Buzz on VH1

Blake Shelton on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Shery Crow on Katie

Clay Walker will be on Home & Family Show on Hallmark

Take the quiz to see how many movies you've seen off the list of 250 movies.   I scored a 109, Cathy came in with 14 movies she thinks she's seen.

 Wheel of winning to win lunch at Culver's.

How many dots are on an arcade Pac-man game?   Answer:  240.   Congrats to Haley (or her mom) Johnson who got it right!