Good morning!  Thanks for following along on our live blog on the Breakfast Club.   Hop a long Kates and I've got lots to go through today, and we'll start out with our B105 Things you need to know this morning.

B105 Things

Starbucks luxury gift cards - limited amount of 1,000 cards have already been sold out.   Would you buy one if you could?   They are $400 gift cards that you can buy for $450.  (Seriously, why spend more than it's worth?)

The memorial service for Nelson Mandela is set for today and it's set to be the biggest secuirty event in recent history.  It will take place at the NFB Stadium in Johannesburg.  95,000 people are expected to attend.  The crowd will also include high government officials, mostly presidents and prime ministers from at least 88 countries.   President Obama will be speaking at the service.

Facebook may be coming out with a new sympathize button so that you can give support to friends in difficult situations.

And there's a drunk who's got 5 DUI's already, and his friends decided to do something creative to stop him.   After he passed out from drinking, his friends put him in a fake hospital room.  When he woke up, the convinced him he had been in a coma for 10 years.   We'll see if it worked.

It's Rod Blagojevick's birthday, and for the first time ever, Cathy pronounced it correctly.

 Brain Teaser Question

30% of dogs and 8% of cats exhibit this human trait, what is it?  Answer:  Snoring


There's been a lot of scam phone calls lately trying to get your personal or financial information over the phone.  Cathy and I both have received these phone calls from several different numbers.

DO NOT PROVIDE ANY personal or financial information by phone, or send money electronically to anyone that you don't know.   Most institutions will not call you and request this type of information from you.

 Cathy's best things in her life for 2013.

It's a great story, and she's trying to win a contest, so click on the link and help her out!

Are You Smarter Than Ken?

Cathy came up with a geography question to get back at Ken.

"Which is the most Northeastern state in the United States?"  Our listener Dick and I got it right:   Maine.   Cathy was surprised.

Entertainment Update

Garth brooks has announced he's kicking off a world tour in 2014!

ACA awards are tonight on FOX.   Trace Adkins and Danica Patrick host it!

IMDB's top ten actors and actresses of 2013:

1. Jennifer Lawrence

2. Chloë Grace Moretz

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

4. Ryan Gosling

5. Tom Hardy

6. Anna Kendrick

7. Johnny Depp

8. Henry Cavill

9. Chris Hemsworth

10. Benedict Cumberbatch

We interviewed Erika from CASDA about their upcoming New Year's Even Dance at Barkers Island Inn. 

Wheel of Winning:

Approximately how many candy caners are made in the US each year.

Answer:  150 billion!