Well, we kind of saw it coming didn't we?   Kat Perkins had been saved the last two weeks, but a third week wasn't in the stars.  Sad to see an incredibly talented singer just miss the finals.  Kristen Merlin didn't have much of a chance making the finals either, and she was sent home as well.

I was surprised to see Christina Grimmie in the bottom 3 with Kat & Kristen.  She was my pick to win it, but this has thrown me off.   Josh Kauffman, and Jake Worthington will join her in the finale, and this could be interesting.  It truly is anyone's to win.

Jake was announced safe right at the start.  His "aw shucks" country persona is what got him into the finals.  And the fact that he was the more dynamic of the two country singers left in the competition.  If you need an example, last night's Kristen Merlin sang blown away, and she only shined during the high notes.

Now compare that with Kat Perkins who was spot on singing a different Carrie Underwood.  Didn't deserve to go home... plain and simple.

If we went by talent, and this wasn't a popularity contest, it should have been Christina, Josh, and Kat in the final.  But I'm OK with going into the finale with Jake.  He's going to have to hit it out of the park next week to win it.