Forgive me if I'm a little late blogging this week.  We've been doing "the no TV after work" challenge at home, so I've had to catch up on YouTube videos this morning.  Kat Perkins was instantly saved last night after falling into the bottom again.  But why?  Why is Kat needing to be constantly saved?  It could be her format.

It's my belief that the fact that Kat Perkin's is a "Rocker" chick is what is hurting her in this competition.  She sings perfectly, she doesn't make mistakes.  I've never heard her be pitchy.  So why is it she's been in the bottom group the last two weeks?

For most people that watch "The Voice" there are two kinds of music they listen to.  country and pop.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that true rock fans don't watch the voice.  I think that's what is standing in Kat's way.

If I had to guess who would win the voice today, it would be Christina Grimmie.  She has the total package that fans want now.  She's able to make every song her own, and sing the type of music that viewers want.  Josh Kauffman would come in a close second.

I like Jake Worthington, but I don't see him as a strong enough singer to win it.  Same goes for Kristen.

But, let's not give up on the Minnesota singer Kat Perkins.  She has been instantly saved twice in a row, she's doing great on iTunes, and she really does have talent.