I have little faith left in the people of America.  Last night Kat Perkins was in the bottom 3 of "The Voice."  She did not belong there or anywhere near the bottom 3.  Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of great talent on that show.  It makes it hard to pick a front runner, but I truly believe that Kat Perkins is one of the TOP 3 of the show.  It really comes down to being a popularity contest, and sometimes vocal skill takes a back seat.

Here's an example.   I love Jake Worthington.  Our 6 year old was cheering for Jake to be on the safe list because he likes him too.  But I was disgusted when Jake was on the safe side, and Kat was in the bottom 3 because she is such a better singer than Jake.  Jake is good, really goodat times.  I talked before about how his duet with Tess Boyer was one of the best reality tv performances ever.  But on Monday night, he was pitchy all over the place with George's Strait's "Run."

Now compare that performance with Kat's "Landslide"

Kat Perkins has been PERFECT each week.  She was one of the first saved last week, and this week she's in the bottom 3?  Do you think it's the show creating drama and interest?  I know I wouldn't have tweeted like I did last night if she wasn't needed to be saved.  (And by the way it wasn't even close to see who was going to be saved.  She led the whole time the graphic was up by a large margin.)

Add that to Adam Levine's "calling the shot" that she would be the first to be saved out of the bottom 3 and come back to win the show.  I'm guessing there is some scripted reality TV going on.

Expect Kat Perkins to "kill it" next week.