Last week I hypothesized that the truly talented rocker Kat Perkins was in the bottom three for two weeks because of her genre of music.  It made sense to me, so I wasn't surprised when Coach Adam had her sing a challenging pop song, and a blockbuster song.

She started off the night with Chandelier, and she had a new look too.

Then later, she sang Let It Go, from the blockbuster Disney movie "Frozen."

She added her rock flavor to both songs, but still kept them honest to the original.  I think its a nice bridge to a larger fan base, and we'll see how she fares tonight.


Now, onto Jake Worthington, who we've found has had a problem with losing his voice this week.  He started off with a safe pick for the 18 year old Texas native.  This wasn't pushing him, but it was showing him in his comfort zone.  He did a great job with the song.

Next, Jake Worthington does what he is great at with the show.  Taking a pop song and putting his country voice to it.  It works fantastic.  I've been tough on Jake before, saying he is pitchy at times, and not the strongest contestant.  But I will say this, he has the most potential.  When he's on, he is on.


So we'll see what happens tonight!  Also, Rascal Flatt's new album "Rewind" is out today, and they will perform their hit on the show.