I've been telling you about theses wackos for quite a while now.  They are saying the world will end this Saturday.  It will start with the Rapture, where the true Christians will go up to Heaven.  (Only about 2-3% will make it, according to them).  The rest of us will be left here to endure months of suffering.  Part of Family Radio and their cult leader Harold Camping's warning message is called Project Caravan.

They've been driving around the country with their rolling billboard buses for months now.  And yesterday they made it to the twin ports.  They cut me off on trinity road.  They almost caused an accident as they stopped right in the middle of the lane.  I shook my fist and honked my horn, annoyed at their driving and their stupid message.

I'm not alone in my disgust for these people.  They are doing nothing more than scaring people.  Literally, that is what they are doing.  They've even been quoted saying that there aren't trying to save people, just warn people, because it is too late to be saved.  Thanks guys.  Way to go.  You're giving Christianity a bad name in the process too.  In fact nearly ever Christian organization or church has condemned their actions.  They know better than to listen to Harold Camping.  Did I mention that good old Harry predicted this would happen in 1994?  Oh wait, he misinterpreted the bible.  But this time he's got it right!

Here's a video of them rolling through Superior yesterday.  I was able to pull over my truck to get this video of them on Hammond Avenue, just before Belknap.