His track record has been less than perfect.  Perhaps he could get into the weatherman business (ba dum dum)?

You can say this much for Harold Camping: Like any good leader, he holds himself accountable.

The radio preacher is said to have resigned as head of the Family Radio organization, after incorrectly predicting the arrival of the rapture, in which Christian believers would be lifted to Heaven, twice in recent months.

Camping predicted that the rapture would occur May 21 "beyond the shadow of a doubt." That initial foray into end-times forecasting sparked a media frenzy, spreading word of Earth's pending moment of reckoning far and wide, and leading some believers to begin making preparations.

When the big day came and went without incident, Camping suffered a stroke. Later, he revised his prediction, saying on the group's website that it was only a spiritual judgment that occurred in May, and that the rapture would in fact take place October 21.

Four days after this latest prophecy failed to pan out, the group removed the notice from its website, suggesting it was leveraging out of of the prediction business. And Brandon Tauszik, a documentarian who has been attending Camping's church for eight months, told the Christian Post that Camping has said he's stepping down.

via Is Harold Camping quitting the prediction business? | The Lookout - Yahoo! News.