I've mentioned this before, but there are about 20 million Christians that believe the end of the world will begin on May 21st (11 days from now,) with The Rapture.  The Rapture is when the true Christians will ascend to heaven and leave the rest of the population on earth as the world ends.  Please recognize that I'm putting this in a nutshell, and I realize that Christianity and the end of the world is far more complex.

A new company has emerged and has offered to take care of your pets once you have ascended to heaven on May 21st.  They are atheists that really don't believe in the Rapture, but are offering there services to Christians who believe they will leave this earth on May 21st.

Since most devout Christians do not believe animals have souls, the Rapture could leave a lot of pet dogs and cats looking longingly at their food bowls after their owners have floated off to heaven. And that's where Bart Centre comes in.

In 2009, he launched Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA. Centre, an atheist, guarantees that if or when the Rapture comes, he or one of his 44 contractors in 26 states will drive to your home within 24 hours, collect your dog, cat, bird, rabbit or small caged mammal, and adopt it. (Rapture rescue services for horses, camels, llamas and donkeys are limited to New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho and Montana.)

The cost is $US135 ($A125), plus $US20 per additional animal. Payable up front, of course, and good for 10 years.

''Right now, we have over 250 clients,'' said Centre, 62, who is retired from a major retailer and pens anti-religion books under the name Dromedary Hump. Most customers are in the Bible Belt. Bart said he can handle relatively secular western Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, where he lives, all by himself. Read more

So the question comes up as how ethical this is.  If you truly believe The Rapture will take place on May 21st, then this is peace of mind for you.  It's no different than Harold Camping at Family Radio taking donations from people for spreading his message about upcoming Rapture.

More importantly, this is our wedding date and I really hope we don't lose some of our family that day.  We've already paid the caterer.