We are exactly a month away from when your taxes are due.  Yup, the dreaded April 15, 2013 midnight deadline.  Instead of procrastinating, get busy and get those taxes done, then e-file.  It's faster, easier and free.  Here's some important information you should know if you live in the states of WI or MN.


In Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) officials say you can have your refund deposited directly into your account when you e-file, and there are online payment options if you owe taxes.  Plus, WI e-file has fill-in tax forms that help prevent errors when you prepare the return. So, that's a relief!  Your taxpayer information is protected on their secure and confidential website, and you'll receive a confirmation once a return is electronically submitted.  Plus, it's convenient, WI e-file is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In Minnesota:

Again, the consensus is that e-filing is fast, secure, and more error-free than a written return. Most e-file programs guide you through a simple question-and-answer process, and help you discover every possible deduction, exemption or credit for which you qualify.

You will need to use a computer with internet access and software that offers online filing or you can go to a tax preparer who offers the service.

Hope this helps, I know how confusing tax preparation can be!