It's getting difficult to keep track of all the scams we need to be watchful of.  You should already be on your guard when it comes to taxes due to the amount of personal information you need to share, but only with the right people.  The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is warning of yet another reason to have your guard up this tax season.


In the latest scam, the IRS is warning that people are posing as Internal Revenue Service workers and calling unsuspecting taxpayers.

Things to watch for:

When you receive the call, they will say they are with the IRS and demand that you pay your taxes immediately with debit cards or wire transfers.  They will threaten arrest or other penalties.  Don't ever give that information to a stranger until you've checked it out.

In light of these reports, Wisconsin Department of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler reminds Wisconsin taxpayers that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) does NOT initiate taxpayer communications through email or request detailed personal information by phone or email.

Watch who you give your information to and if it doesn't feel right, it's ok to take their name and phone number and call them back after you've check them out.  If they don't allow you time to do that then they probably aren't reputable and you shouldn't give them any personal information.

Richard Chandler stated, "We do not email or call you to request your social security number, PIN numbers, passwords, or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts. Our policies are similar to the IRS policies. If you owe taxes, DOR will have notified you by U.S. mail – not email or phone. DOR does not ask for payment via debit card or wire transfer. DOR does not ask you to provide a credit card number over the phone. And DOR never requests personal or financial information by text or social media."