Ever wonder what the stars do to get beautiful hair, or lashes or clean complexion? Well, CMT sat dow with Carrie Underwood to get some of her secrets.

Yes, Carrie was born with great eyelashes. They are naturally thick and look false. Yet, she still likes to compliment them. How does she do this? She does it simply by adding mascara to them. She admits that she has been known to apply as many as four coats of mascara in one day. What kind of mascara would Carrie use? She may possibly chose one that has a built in voluminzing power, such as L'Oreal Volumininous Milllion Lashes Mascara Black, $7.00, at Walmart.

She also loves wearing shimmery charcoal eye shadow. This may be one reason her eyes always seem to pop.

As soon as she gets into the shower, Carrie Underwood applies conditioner to her hair. This gives the conditioner plenty of time to begin working. Then her last step before getting out of the shower is to shampoo and condition her hair once more.

Don't believe that this singing superstar runs around with her team of makeup artists. She insists that she does her own makeup when she is on tour.


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