This video was so interesting that I had to share it with you.  Odds are if you are a woman, there are certain things you don't like about your own appearance.  Dove recently did an experiment, where an FBI sketch artist drew a portrait of a woman as described by herself, and then again with a stranger describing her.  The results were shocking.

Take a look for yourself.


This isn't really surprising.  How many guys have been telling their girlfriends or wives for years that they are more beautiful than they think?  This was a really well done piece, and it's something that I felt I needed to share with the women in my life.

Also, one more thing to note.  The one woman said, "My mom said I always had a big chin."  Look at that.  Here she is years later and still carries that with her everyday.  How sad.  If you're a parent, remember that kids carry what you say with them forever.