It's kinda interesting that Halloween this year is also when we are celebrating the rough estimate of 7 billion people on this planet.  The UN has designated certain babies to represent the 7 billionth babies born.

Is this something to celebrate?  Well all life is precious and everyone deserves to have children, we are facing a serious crisis.  The planet is adding 80 million people a year.  That's the amount of people in Germany every year being added to the world's population.  It's also growing, because population growth is exponential.  If you have 5 kids, and they have five kids, and so forth, it gets out of hand in a hurry.

The highest growth rate is in the poorest places.  Parents can't afford food for their kids, or to take care of them.  Poorer countries statistically have high birth rates because lack of sex education and available contraceptives.

This video is eye opening.