I was making the bed the other day and noticed the above tag on the foot of the mattress.  Well, it's July so obviously, I'm not complying with the suggestion of the manufacturer.  I know my husband is diligent about flipping the mattress to the other side on a regular basis, but were unaware of the flip from head to foot.  Are we the ONLY people that do this?

They say mattresses only last a few years, but if you regularly flip AND rotate your mattress you'll avoid the dreaded body impressions.  Those impressions basically get your body in a rut while you sleep.

They claim to have new technology in mattress construction that will help to slowly end the chore of flipping and rotating your mattress, but experts say not to be fooled if you buy one that is entitled a "no-flip" mattress.  It only makes sense that by flipping and rotating it, you'll prolong the life of a very expensive, very necessary household item.

New mattresses should be rotated, on average, every 3 months. I would have to agree with that based on the tags of my own mattress, but of course you can also use your best judgement.  While researching the subject I was surprised to read that you should also rotate your box spring, we've NEVER done that. They claim it's your foundation and that's SO true! However, they do say that it doesn't have to be done as often as your mattress.

Bottom line is, Ken and I want you well rested and up early to listen to the Breakfast Club show.  To achieve that, remember to rotate and flip your mattress.  The next time you change your sheets (and how often do you do THAT???), look to see if you have the reminder tags in the corner of your mattress like I do.  It's a very helpful reminder to do something I wouldn't normally think to do.  Sweet dreams...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!