When the Vikings announced the new stadium, a lot of season ticket holders started wondering if personal seat license fees would be part of the finance plan.  This is a one time fee season ticket holders pay to get their seat in the new stadium, and it's a common practice with new NFL stadiums. 

StarTribune.com is reporting that 75% of the seats in the new stadium will have these fees, with the average price being $2,500 per seat.  That means if you are currently an average Minnesota Vikings season ticket holder of a pair tickets, you will have to pay a one time fee of $5,000 just to keep the seats.  Then, you must pay for each home game, including two preseason games at full price.

Some will pay the lowest price of $500 per season ticket, with the most expensive being $10,000 per season ticket.  The license fee goes toward the funding of the stadium, but it doesn't go towards the portion the public is on the hook for, it goes towards what the Wilfs are responsible for.

Obviously, this has many Vikings fans upset and possibly priced out of being a season ticket holder.  The most passionate Vikings fans may be forced to give up their tickets to corporations and others who have the money, but not the passion.  We've all seen the empty seats behind home plate at Target Field, when most of the corporate ticket holders are either not there or upstairs eating and drinking with the game being a low priority.

Is this truly "the people's stadium" as Governor Mark Dayton claimed when the project was originally announced?