I Just Discovered The Coolest Deer Stand: The Millennium
I've had portable stands for deer hunting for years.  I've helped buddies haul them out in the woods, and they are heavy.  It's a real pain, especially if you're hunting on public land where you can't leave them out there.  This Millennium stand is a game chan…
Why A Good Fishing Guide is Worth The Money
I consider myself a pretty decent fisherman.  I have my favorite fishing spots.  I catch fish more often than I get skunked.   I'm nowhere near pro, but I've never thought about having a guide.  After my first guided trip, I've changed my mind.
The Renaissance Festival Is Guaranteed Family Fun [PHOTOS]
Despite the threat of severe thunderstorms, we ventured to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this past weekend.  While it was windy, we managed to enjoy the shows, animals, shop, eat and drink before the rains hit.  This is truly a magical place that you can enjoy while you learn of the R…

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