4 Ways To Celebrate National Trails Day in Duluth
June 6 is National Trails Day and the City of Duluth has many ways for you to participate!  Why shouldn't we celebrate our local trails, we're known for them.  Whether it's running, biking or hiking our trails are award-winning and growing more and more popular.  We hav…
Repel Wood Ticks With Apple Cider Vinegar
Wood Tick season is here and it's already a pretty bad one in some areas.  Not only are they gross, but they can carry diseases.  Be especially careful of the smaller deer ticks.  Today I got a tip from a listener that you can use Apple Cider Vinegar to repel ticks.
Do Yaktrax Work For Guys With Big Feet?
I recently purchased a pair of Yaktrax this winter.  My hope was they would help with footing while ice fishing.  I took a couple of spills last year, and there is no fun hauling your gear off the lake with a sprained knee.   I was a bit worried though if they would actually work as a…

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