Repel Wood Ticks With Apple Cider Vinegar
Wood Tick season is here and it's already a pretty bad one in some areas.  Not only are they gross, but they can carry diseases.  Be especially careful of the smaller deer ticks.  Today I got a tip from a listener that you can use Apple Cider Vinegar to repel ticks.
Do Yaktrax Work For Guys With Big Feet?
I recently purchased a pair of Yaktrax this winter.  My hope was they would help with footing while ice fishing.  I took a couple of spills last year, and there is no fun hauling your gear off the lake with a sprained knee.   I was a bit worried though if they would actually work as a…
New City Of Duluth Dog Park Has Tails Waggin’
Tails of Northland canines are wagging!  There's a new park in town just for them! (Human's welcome too, somebody has to drive!)  It took over 500 hours of volunteer's service to make the new dog park a reality. My Schnauzer Bauer and I personally thank those volunteers.

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