$50,000 Won By Cloquet Man At UMD Bulldog Hockey Game
I did not get to attend Friday night's UMD Men's Bulldog game to see this amazing shot, but I got several texts from friends that were there.  You may have heard about it, but if you didn't see his shot to win the $50,000.  Here it is!  Congratulations!
Duluth Police Warn of Wire Transfer Scams
You probably already have your guard up because of past scams that we've shared with you.  But in the last few weeks the Duluth Police Department has received several reports relating to money transfer scams. These scams have come in a couple of forms including job postings placed on employment webs…
5 Important Things You Should Know About That Year-End Bonus
This time of year, with all the present buying, snow shoveling and family visiting, rarely do we have a moment to really think through that year-end bonus we hope is coming. But there are some important things you should know about your bonus—before you rely on it to cover the cost of all…

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