Beware: Counterfeit Bills are Being Passed in the Twin Ports
It seems to happen at the busiest times of the year.  With the holidays upon us and money being exchanged for gifts, food and travel, those that are looking to pass fake bills are finding it easy.  The best way to avoid an unfortunate situation is to be aware, here's what the details …
$465 Million May Make Your Life Worse
Nobody won the Powerball drawing from last Saturday, so now the prize grows to $425 million, the largest jackpot ever for the game. What is the first thing you would do or buy if you had the Jackpot?
How Much Is the Tooth Fairy Paying These Days?
Some of us can remember a time when losing a tooth meant that we might find some spare change underneath our pillows the following morning.
However, according to a recent survey by credit card company Visa, the days of a fallen chomper being worth chump change are long gone.
How Facebook Is Draining Your Wallet

I know everyone has a scheme to make money, and Facebook is no different. Instead of clogging up my space with ads, why not charge other businesses that are posting for free. Ok, just an idea. Now when choose that you like something, you may be influencing your friends and your friends may be influe…

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