Do You Remember Quisp Cereal? [VIDEO]
Cathy today shared the list of the all time greatest cereals, and Quisp was number 1.  I've never heard of Quisp, but Cathy has.  Here's a classic commercial to jog your memory.
Can You Add to This List: Best Breakfast in the Northland
After running one morning my husband asked where we should go for breakfast.  As we discussed the topic and couldn't decide we realized there was lots of area restaurants that have darn good breakfast food.  After all, it's the most important meal of the day, right?  Here&ap…
Wow Your Overnight Guests With Unique Breakfast Skewers
Appetizers? No problem.  Elegant dinner?  No problem.  Extravagant dessert?  You're on it like a puma.  But, it's always a challenge to be consistent in the culinary department when it comes to serving breakfast to overnight guests.  Here's one from Taste…
Pulp or No Pulp Orange Juice [Poll]
Ok, so here's something we've stumbled on in conversation this morning.  Cathy actually buys pulp orange juice, and PREFERS it!  Who likes pulp?  Apparently some people do!?  I'll stick with my no pulp OJ.  Who's with me?
Kwik Trip Breakfast Combo Review
Yesterday the Kwik Trip store on Banks in Superior opened up.  Finally a convenience store that's open when I get up in the morning with hot food!  Today I stopped in on my way to work to get some breakfast.  This would be my first time trying their breakfast sandwich combo. …

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