Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl Review
For some time now, I've thought about purchasing a Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl to bring to work.  In the morning, I don't really have a lot of time, and I end up eating while I'm working.  I thought this might be a quick easy meal for breakfast.  It's microwavable, u…
Fresh Eggs VS Store Bought Eggs Taste Test [VIDEO]
I have a friend who has a chicken coop just outside of town.  Recently, their family took a vacation and he asked me to look after his chickens.  The tradeoff was I got to keep all the eggs that were laid while they were gone.  I had never had a farm fresh egg before, and I immediatel…
New Recipe Gives New Life To Your Mashed Potatoes
I love mashed potatoes and hate re heating them. We don't have a microwave at our home so I have to be creative when I heat food for left overs. Here's an easy and quick way to enjoy mashed potatoes with other dishes, or for breakfast.
New Breakfast Sandwich Maker Might Be The Best Invention Ever
Screw Wheaties, dude. Breakfast sandwiches are the 'Breakfast of Champions.' Put it this way: after your last bender, did you wake up hungry for a bowl of fiber-y wheat or were you searching for savory meat, fluffy eggs and melted cheese — all wrapped up in a toasted English muffin..…

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