If you're like me you've used red, white and blue candles, flowers and just about everything else that color to decorate your 4th of July picnic table.  These faux firecrackers from Taste of Home are darling and you can have some family fun BEFORE the holiday making them.  You'll be the one-upper this year for SURE!


  • cardboard paper towel tube
  • colorful tissue paper
  • pipe cleaners
  • candy (that won't melt in July heat)
  • thin colorful ribbon
  • festive wrapping or craft paper


  • Cut a paper towel tube in half.
  • Cut 3 to 4 layers of tissue paper into 10-in. x 10-in. squares. Fasten tissue paper around tube.
  • Wrap a piece of pipe cleaner around tissue paper at bottom and twist tightly. Then push into tube to hide.
  • Fill top end of tube with candy. Use thin ribbon to close top. Wrap tube with festive wrapping or craft paper.
  •  For a finishing touch, add a pipe cleaner "fuse" on top, shaping it to look like a star.


Bonus Craft: