Do you have any idea how cozy I am in this picture?  Dim lighting in the spa area of Shear Katz, warm blanket and comfy table,  facial treatments that took off my winter skin and left me with glowing fresh so-clean skin for the summer and great conversation with my Aveda expert, Jerry.

Jerry totally made me feel at ease and the up-tight me...actually relaxed for a change, (I think I even fell asleep while he was chatting, sorry Jer!!)  After the facial treatments that took care of eliminating my pale, dry, winter skin, I was treated to a hydrating mask to replenish, re-plump (yea, no more fine lines) and then steamed (that's the machine on the right in the picture above.).

After the facial Jerry asked if I would like a foot and hand massage.  Thinking that  he had already spent an hour with me, I said no.  He told me that Aveda facials came WITH a foot and hand!  I would love one and relaxed even further into euphoria!

You truly owe yourself an hour to relaxation and get your skin back to a glowing pink healthiness!  Call and book you facial today with Shear Katz at 218.720.3688 or join them and book on Facebook!