THINK MOTHER'S DAY!!!!  I had no idea my thin, short, boring eyelashes could look SO awesome!  Of course, Susan White, one of the latest additions to the staff at Shear Katz is the one responsible for my excitement!!!  Love, love, LOVE her personality!  It was like two old friends chatting (they call it consulting, but we were seriously laughing & chatting!!!)  about what length I wanted and the care of my new lush lashes.


This is my before shot.  Then, I actually fell asleep while Susan was putting my lashes on.  One lash at a time.  While she demonstrated great care and utmost confidence when applying my lashes, the whole procedure took less than an hour.  (I could have used a little more sleep!)





And THIS, is my after shot!!  Absolutely amazing!  The beauty is, you pick the length.  Do you want short and full or "come and walk the red carpet with me" L O N G?  I wanted something in-between, and got exactly what I asked for!

Brides, this is a MUST!  Upcoming reunion?  WOW~your gal friends!  Want to get out of bed, look in the mirror and say, "I don't need make-up today, it's ALL about my eyes and they look fabulous!"  Brush those teeth and you're on your way!  Call (218.720.3688) and book with Susan today, be fun and flirty this summer with Eyelash Extensions from Shear Katz!  THINK MOTHER'S DAY!!!

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