Before this most recent Vikings stadium saga, the Minneapolis city council approved the idea of a stadium using redirected sales taxes.  It was a very close vote, with the council approving by a vote count of 7 votes in favor and 6 opposed.  Armed with the belief that the city council would approve a stadium, Governor Mark Dayton and other Viking stadium supporters went to work on a bill and then the the roller coaster ride began in full.

Flash forward to today, after all the debates have been put to rest and Mark Dayton has signed a Vikings stadium bill to law.  It fell back on the city council for final approval and while it was assumed it would again pass, you had to wonder if one of the supporters of the past could change their mind.  Well, it seems that isn't the case as after debate of their own, as the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting that the Minneapolis council voted again in favor of the stadium by a 7 to 6 count.

The vote is the last major hurdle for the project, but not the final word on the matter – the Council has to ratify their decision during a regularly scheduled meeting on Friday morning.  After that, it is officially a done deal and the designing process can begin and construction workers can get to work in preparation for the 2016 season opener.