I remember thinking that whoever the girl was that got the chance to play Michael Jackson's girlfriend in Thriller was the luckiest girl EVER!  Years later, I STILL think she's a lucky girl!  Ola Ray is her name and she is celebrating her 53 birthday.  I'm sure this is her most memorable acting job, but she been in other movies you might recognize.

You might remember her as the Playboy Playmate from the 1987 Beverly Hills Cop II. Or, from 1982, Night Shift where she played a the character, Dawn.  Also in 1982 she was Vroman's Dancer in 48 Hours. She also played roles on TV shows in the 80's and was in a couple of music videos. Of course, she was best remembered for playing Michael Jackson's girlfriend in Thriller.

Recently, Ola paid tribute to Michael Jackson in another video.  It's crazy hard to understand what her message is, maybe she liked him?  I'm not sure, but if you choose to watch it, be warned, it's suggestive.

Here's my tribute at the inaugural "Celebrity Dance" contest to benefit the "Minnesota Ballet".  I guess Ola could say mine is just as weird ;)