We have so many construction projects every year, so why not celebrate when one is actually completed?

According to a press release from the Minnesota Department Of Transportation, about 85 people braved a cold, sleety-rain to attend a ribbon-cutting event at the Highway 210/Thomson Bridge Saturday, Dec. 15.

A giant-sized scissors was used to cut the ribbon. Then a Carlton County fire truck drove across the bridge with sirens blaring and lights flashing. Afterwards everyone was invited to the Thomson City Hall for a cake and coffee reception.

“We’re glad that the bridge is open again to serve members of the local communities who use it every day,” said Duane Hill, MnDOT D1 district engineer. “We know the closure was difficult for many people and on behalf of MnDOT, I want to thank everyone for their patience during the project.”

The bridge had been closed for a six-month-long rehabilitation and flood-repair project. In addition to the regularly-scheduled project, a new, 110-foot-long bridge was built on the west end of the existing bridge to replace an 18-foot-diameter overflow pipe that was destroyed during the June 2012 flood.

The bridge rehabilitation project included:

  • Structural steel repairs
  • Gusset plate replacement/reconstruction
  • Replacement of riveted connections with bolted connections
  • New expansion joints
  • New concrete bridge deck and rail
  • Concrete repairs/patching on the bridge abutment and wing walls
  • Bridge painting