Last night was the premiere of Great Lake Warriors on the History Channel.  It's a show that highlights the life of tug boaters on the Great Lakes.   I was really anticipating the show, because tug boaters in the Duluth/Superior harbor would be featured.

Turns out in the first episode, we didn't see any of local Cap'n Mike Ojard.  In next weeks preview, it looks like they'll come to the Twin Ports.  They did focus on Milwaukee and Thunder Bay. I really enjoyed the show.  I'll be sure to tune in next week, and I hope ratings will warrant more episodes in the future.

I was surprised to see some of the footage of how dangerous it can be.  Many times it was trying to secure barges with turbulent waters.  It's amazing also some of the facts that come out, like the great lakes have had more deaths than the famous "Bermuda Triangle."

Tune in to watch next Thursday at 9pm on the History Channel.