This Christmas I received as a gift the new George Foreman Panini Grill.  At first I really didn't know what to think.  I've never made a panini, and only have eaten about 2 of them in my entire life.  But wait... this does more than just paninis!

The first test came when I made a late night snack with it.  We had some leftover taco makings and I tried out a quesadilla.  It worked great!  It cooks fast, it's truly non-stick, and all of the grease dripped out the back into the catcher.  Nice job!

Last night, I made hamburgers.  They turned out juicy, cooked in just 6 or 7 minutes, and it was easy to clean.  I'm a fan!  I've also made hot ham and cheese sandwhiches, grilled cheese, and grilled polish.  It's a perfect substitute for a grill in the winter!


Removeable grill plates function easily.  Makes it so much easier to clean.

Floating hinge allows you to get the perfect press on whatever you are grilling.

Takes only about 6 minutes to get up to temperature, with green ready light.

Comes with recipe book and guide on how to use.

Cons:  Electric cord is a little too short.


Summary:  Worth purchasing, you won't be disappointed.