I've blogged about Falling Skies before, telling you about how this show doesn't dissapoint for sci-fi fans.  After last night's season finale I was a little dissapointed in a few things, but over-all still excited about the cliffhanger ending.  Warning:  SPOILER ALERT.

It definitely feels like there is a few things that we've missed out on with the season finale.  For one, there was too much describing on the action that happened and not enough seeing it.  There's been a fair amount of action in Falling Skies so far, but I've been waiting for the big battle scenes.  We never got it.  There was never really a big all-out battle that we were hoping to see.  Instead, we see the aftermath.  It probably has to do with budget, since it is a cable show, it does need you to use your imagination.

At the end, Tom flies off with the aliens for some sort of negotiations.  That's a heck of a cliffhanger and I'll definitely tune in for the second season.  I've heard rumors that they are beefing up the writing staff for the second season.  I also hope they will beef up the action budget. I'm excited to see what twists could come with actual alien/human communication.

The series keeps your attention in every episode, thanks in part to the great acting.  The relationships between characters is the strength of this show.  However, I'm afraid that viewers will become disappointed without some big bangs, and ratings could drop.  I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for season 2.