They nailed it.   They really did.   Seems that too often we get let down by a series finale, but last night Breaking Bad tied up everything perfectly.  I honestly don't think they could have done anything better.   Here's some of my favorite moments:  [SPOILER ALERT].

1.  "If we are going to go that way, Elliot, you're going to need a bigger knife."

Walt's visit to Gretchen and Elliot was wonderful.   I really thought he was going to kill them, but instead he scares the living crap out of them and finds a way to get his money to his family.  Nice touch that we get so see Badger and Skinny Pete one more time.

2.  "Everything I did was .... for me.  I liked it."

How refreshing to finally get the truth.  I think this also was Walt coming to terms with his impending death.   Finally being honest, and you can see how much Skyler appreciates it.   She even lets him say goodby to Holly.

3.   Artificial Sweetener w/ricin.

As soon as we saw the close up of Lydia's sweetener poured into her coffee, the light bulb came on.   Walt figured a way to get her too, answering the season long question, who was going to get it?

4.   Marty Robbins.

The name of the episode was "Felina."   There were a lot of theories about what it meant.  We find out it has to do with the Marty Robbins song "El Paso" where a gunfighter lays dying in the desert after a gunshot to his side.  His lover "Felina" kneels by his side.   Much of the song's lyrics identify with the finale of Breaking Bad.

5.  Walt makes another killing machine.

I assumed (like an idiot again) that Walt was going to just Waltz in guns blazing.  Much like when he took out Gus Fring, he builds a weapon of mass destruction.

6.  Walt saves Jesse.

I really don't think he intended to save Jesse.   I think Walt was pissed that Jesse was cooking but after he saw he was a slave, instinctively tackled him to save him.

7.  Jesse strangles Todd.

Todd deserved it, and who better than his captive, Jesse.

8.  Walt dies.

We knew it had to happen, and I think they did it well.  Walt's last few moments are with his first love, chemistry.  He spends his last few minutes admiring his work.

Bravo, Breaking Bad.   You did it.  Now what the heck are we suppose to do?