Let's face it, unless you grew up with the technology needed to use a computer, it can be very intimidating.  Personally, I have enough knowledge to function with social media and get my job done, but I KNOW there is a plethora of valuable info to learn.  If you're in the same boat, here's the opportunity to get in on FREE classes with the Duluth Public Library.


For most people using a computer is part of everyday life, both at work and at home, but not everyone has had the opportunity to learn the basics of computer use. When it comes to finding a job, some adults are at a disadvantage, especially when basic computer skills are a prerequisite of employment for many entry-level jobs.

Don't let the job you have your eye on slip through your fingers!  There IS something you can do about it and it's not going to cost you anything.  Beginning this summer, the Duluth Public Library and Duluth Adult Basic Education will offer a series of free computer classes focusing on computer basics.

Classes begin Thursday, June 19 and will be held from 6 – 8 pm in the Main Library’s Computer Lab (520 W. Superior St.).  While the classes are free, space is limited; call the library at 730-4200/option 6 or Adult Basic Education at 336-8790 to sign up.

Sessions will include an introduction to computers, introduction to the Internet, Microsoft Word, using email, and using Windows 7.  The classes will also offer the opportunity for people to formally assess their computer skills and earn a certificate to prove their proficiency, through the Northstar Basic Computer Skills Certificate program. The Northstar program is a free online self-guided set of tests on the topics covered by the series of classes.

Anyone can take the Northstar assessments online, however people who take the assessments at an approved sponsoring site like the Duluth Public Library classes and receive a passing score, can earn certificates demonstrating their skills. These certificates may be presented to future employers as proof of an applicant’s computer skills. Duluth Public Library and Duluth Adult Basic Education are among the organizations across the state offering the Northstar certificates.

For more information, call the Duluth Public Library at 730-4200/option 6.