About a month ago I blogged that the Duluth Public Library was looking for volunteers to restart their Home Delivery Service. [see previous blog].  Thanks to those that stepped up to the plate, the Service is about to begin and those who wish to use it need to apply now.

If you are a library lover who has not been able to physically come to the library. The Home Library Service, a free program that will deliver up to 15 books or other library materials to your home each month, is now available.  They are planning on starting the program later this month to residents living inside the Duluth City limits.  You need to get your application in now.

A bit of history of the program.  The library used to offer home delivery service but had to discontinue it in 2008, due to budget and staffing cuts. The program has been resurrected thanks to the help of generous volunteers who will select and deliver bags of books on a monthly basis.

How to sign up:

There are two forms to fill out: an application and a reading interest form. Or, you can call the library's Fiction & Media desk at 730-4200/option 6 and ask for the forms to be mailed to your home.  Once you've filled them out mail to:

Home Library Service, Duluth Public Library, 520 W. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802

For more information, call the library’s Fiction/Media desk at 730-4200/option 6.

Happy Reading!