You don't have to be out in the middle of the woods to have a bear encounter, as we all know.  Bears have hibernating and now that they are awake and it's time to eat!  As you can see, the DNR is starting to see more complaints about bears in the Northland.  While the bears aren't looking for trouble, it can still be intimidating to have them in your yard.

Your best best bet is to make sure your property is clear of food and make sure when you put your garbage out that it is full contained and not hanging out for our furry friends to smell.


DNR wildlife managers are starting to get quite a few complaints about nuisance bears in the Northland.

They encourage people living near bear habitats to start clearing their properties of any possible food sources.

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After a long winter, bears have emerged from hibernation and are looking for food.

"They're hungry," Jeff Lightfoot, DNR Regional Wildlife Manager said. "They are trying to recover lost body weight from the winter time."

DNR officials say the nuisance complaints start to come each year when natural foods such as berries and vegetation aren't in full bloom.

When human related foods are easy to find, bears stop seeking their natural foods.

Experts say early spring is the time to clear your properties of any food sources.

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