I've always been a big fan of Charlie Sheen.  I loved him in "Platoon", laughed at him in "Major League" and "Two And A Half Men".  He's a gifted and talented actor.  And I think he's gone off the deep end.  Here's why:

Everyone knows about his benders with porn stars, cocaine fueled parties, and strange behavior, but once you hear him ramble it's fairly obvious that he's a little crazy.  Ok, really crazy.  He called into a talk show and you can hear the interview here on tmz's website.

He rips Two And A Half Men's" creator Chuck Lorre, talks about his "goddesses", and a whole lot of other crazy things.  Even talking about something with F-18's and fighter pilots and tattoos or something with surfing.  Seriously, I couldn't follow it.

I've dealt with people with mental illness.  It's a scary thing.  Charlie needs help, but he has this whole world surrounding him that enables him to do whatever he wants.  An addict will only get help when they hit rock bottom.  In this case, Charlie has enough money for him to do whatever he wants, and I don't think he's near rock bottom yet and he can spend whatever kind of money he wants.

I don't think Two And A Half Men will survive this.  It's been on for a long time, it was a great show, but I think it's over.  Not to mention that Angus T. Jones (aka Jake Harper) is now 17 years old.  And will be an adult in October.  If it keeps going, they'll have to call it 3 men.  Of course, Charlie is about half there anyway.