Miley Cyrus is full of surprises. She has surprised us with risky photos, pictures of her doing unmentionables and getting engaged at age 19. And, she's not done yet.  She just landed a role on the show Two And A Half Men and she's cut her hair! SHORT like mine.....see?!?!?!











It's a recurring role, not a cameo, and her character will play the love interest of Angus T. Jones, aka: Jake Harper.  Miley won't have to act THAT much.  Her role is that of a hot new gal in town, the twist of comedy will come when the character played by Ashton Kutcher, Walden Schmidt develops a crush on her too.

What do you think?  Should they have laid the show to rest when Charlie Sheen's left?  Do you like Ashton on the show?  Do they think introducing Miley's character to the mix is going to help catapult the show's popularity back to where it was?

Personally, I miss the old show, when Jake was young, Charlie was still playing the field and Alan, well, he was busy being Alan.