Which Sports Are NBC Faking At The Olympics
Technology has brought along a lot of changes in the past few years. Some good some bad. Dennis Baxter was put in charge of running mics and handling the sound for the Olympics since 1996. He has come up with some great ideas for hearing what the event is like. I’ve got a spoiler!
Top 10 Apps for the 2012 Summer Olympics
The athletes have been training for the last four years. The city has been preparing for the last seven years. And the fans have been booking their tickets for months and months. The 2012 London Summer Olympics are upon us!
Does Facebook Make It Harder to Heal a Broken Heart?
Relationship experts often say the fastest and easiest way to get over someone is to make a clean break — essentially erase the person from your consciousness. But with the advent of social media, that’s getting harder and harder to do.
And it seems we’re bringin…
Mashed Potato And Gravy Vending Machine [Video]
I can think of more difficult things to dispense from a vending machine!  Why on earth would you pick something as easy as mashed potatoes and gravy?  At a 7-11 besides, maybe that's why the potatoes look a little like a slurpee.  I'd like to see a General Tso Chicken and fried rice vending machine,…
5 Common Problems Of iPhone 4
I got my new iPhone 4s back in April and I fell in love with it, just like I fell in love with my previous iPhone 3.  Siri made my life so much easier, with helping me set reminders, sending texts for me, and keeping me company.  (I'm kidding about the last one.)  However, I have…
Your Facebook Privacy Alert Post Does Nothing
Starting a few days ago, you may have seen some of your friends post the "privacy" message.  Naturally, you might have though, "Crap I gotta do that too!"  Well the truth is that nothing you ever put on your Facebook wall will ever exempt you from any of…

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