This Bargain Brand Cheese Will Not Melt!
Groceries have become so expensive in recent years that I usually show by price, not by brand.  One of the things I haven't been able to find a good replacement for is name brand American singles cheese slices.
Taco Bell Dare Devil Loaded Griller Review
Taco Bell is a cheap lunch option.  There really is no better place to fill your gut for a few bucks.  That doesn't mean it's always a good idea, but yesterday I went to try the new "Big Box" that features the Dare Devil Loaded Griller.  Here's my thou…
Burger King A1 Hearty Mozzerella Bacon Cheesburger Review
I'm a big fan of Burger King.  I think they have better burgers than a lot of the other national chains.  It also helps that there is one right next to my work, and another 2 blocks from my house.  Today I stopped to get a burger.  My favorite in the last few months has been…
Here’s Why You Need A LED Light for Your Truck Bed! [VIDEO]
People have been asking what I did on my week off from work.  A lot of the time I was sitting around a campfire at the cabin, or hanging out in the woods.  This was the first time I got to try out my new toy:  a bed LED light for my truck.  It's awesome, check it out!
Lotzza Motzza Frozen Pizza Review
Frozen pizzas.  They are probably the easiest meal out there.   From bachelors to hard working moms (and dads like myself) they make for a quick easy meal.  That was the case tonight.  I wanted a quick easy meal, but I didn't want the same old boring frozen pizza. …

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